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el jefe (f. la jefa) is a spanish term meaning "the chief" or "the boss"el jefe


JEFE GIN is named after Chief Justin Verburgt who works in the kitchen for more than 10 years.

in the beginning he experience with different flavors and after a while he perfected his GIN.

Justin starts with the name ‘’Beards & Gin’’ in 2015 and since 2017 he renamed it with ‘’JEFE GIN’’.

The best botanicals, handpicked 

bringing it back to nature, handcrafted. that is what makes it a JEFE GIN.


Back to the roots of JEFE GIN! at JEFE GIN we make a bad ass GIN, as main ingredient HOGWEED! 

Wild pine and Great Juniper.

We try to harvest all the herbs by our self. Hogweed always is a challenge!


We infuse this bad ass GIN after the distilling process,

with all the herbs to get a nice colour soft and beautiful taste.



JEFE GIN is made with Hogweed and wild young pine tips that we harvest by hand. every year we pick the best botanicals from the wild nature to give our Gin the best.

Young Wild Pine tips

Wild Hogweed


junuper 3.png

Young pine tips, we harvest them by hand. The sweetness of the pine give an extra soft touch to our Gin. We infuse the pine tips after distill so the flavor of the pine tips are on there best. The young pine tips give our Gin a RAW taste, that's why we love our Young Pine Tips.

We try to harvest all the herbs by our self. Hogweed always is a challenge! Hogweed is a great plant. The seeds of this plant are so aromatic that they give our Gin a smokey & citrus taste. The Hogweed is the first thing you taste when you take a sip of our Gin!
It is a unique botanical, and we are proud to use it in our Gin!

Juniper! Every Gin use Juniper, we use it twice! First in the distilling process, and second time we infuse it after distilling! By doing so, it gives our Gin an awesome kick!
The Juniper, Hogweed & Young Pine Tips are infused after the distilling process to give our Gin a real raw taste! JEFE GIN is a one of a kind!



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